My Sergei

By: Ekaterina Gordeeva

There are tree major characters in this book; Ekaterina, Sergei, and Stanislav Alexeyvich Zhuk. Ekaterina, or Katia is one of the main characters in the book. As she unfolds the love story between her and Sergei we see what a genuine, loving, king, interesting, and dedicated person she is. She tells her story very lively and intensely. Katia's strong inner strength reaches out to you in the book and pulls you in like a magnet. Sergei is the other main character. He's extremely strong. He wouldn't give up or quit. Sergei isn't the most dedicated person though. He didn't fully commit to skating and the ice for awhile. He knew how to have fun, but at the same time knew what was right and wrong. Stanislav Zhuk was Katia and Sergei's coach at one time. He didn't play a happy role in their lives, but he still played a major one. To give you an idea, Katia refers to him as "The Miserable, Pitiless Zhuk." Zhuk was mean, heartless, abusive, and arrogant. He coached them for about a year until Sergei and Katia requested to have him replaced.

In My Sergei Katia tells the intriguing love story about Sergei and her. The book is written in the form of a timeline. She starts off by telling about their childhood and school years and moves on to how they fell in love and married and concludes with Sergei's death and her tribute to him. It is really a heart wrenching story. Katia relays to us how she and sergei had been paired together for awhile as skaters and then one day their feelings for each other weren't just business-like; an eternal love blossomed before them. This sweet story is a wonderful book.

I think Katia did a wonderful job of recollecting all her memories and events that took place during her life. This book is very detailed with lots of description. As she tells about everything from her and Sergei's childhood to his death you feel as if you were there when each moment passed between the two. This book is very interesting and has a wonderful story. I think it would entertain anyone.

My Sergei has many strengths. It is a wonderful story. The book was very well written and explained. My Sergei is one of the best biographies I've ever read. I can not think of any weaknesses this book had. I would recommend My sergei to anyone in search of a good love story.

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