Compare & Contrast of Hiroshima and Red Storm Rising

There are many obvious differences in Hiroshima, by John Hersey, and Red Storm Rising,

by Tom Clancy. Many of these differences come simply because of the different locations.

And still others come because of the different writing styles. But most of the differences

comes as a result of the situations, or plot, of each book.

The first, and arguably largest, is that Hiroshima is a non-fiction book while Red

Storm Rising is fiction book. Therefore Hiroshima is filled with facts and only facts. While

Red Storm Rising often uses persuasion to help set the mood and give emphasis to points

and events that will be important later in the book. Also in Hiroshima there is no dialogue

while Red Storm Rising is filled with it. This difference can not be helped since the main

event in Hiroshima has already happened and the survivors are just giving their accounts.

Another difference for each is the settings Red Storm Rising takes place primarily

in the southwestern part of the former USSR. While Hiroshima takes place in the city of

Hiroshima, Japan. Just the contrast in setting alone causes another difference in the way of

living. The cultures that are portrayed are the submissive yet efficient Japanese culture and

the dominant, proficient Russian culture. While both cultures get things done rather well

the soviets are more aggressive.

Last in contrasting these two books was order of events. In Hiroshima the major

event, the bomb exploding, had already happened and the book was about the aftermath of

that event. In Red Storm Rising there was a very long build up to the major event of the

United States stepping in and finally putting the Soviets in there place.

To compare these two stories start with the obvious. Both stories have to do with

nuclear warfare. While Hiroshima acctually uses a nuclear bomb, Red Storm Rising only

has the threat of the Soviets

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