The media play an important role in our lives and influence us in our choices and things we value in life. We definitely live in an information society, large groups of people receive information and store it. There are many opinions about the mass media of communications served as a vehicle for rational discussion featuring the range of political and cultural perspective. If communications controlled by an elite group, then the given information the people will be the only the elites part of the view, and this will not truly objective. I am strongly agree with the Jerold M. Starr that he said, "Communications were not controlled by a narrow elite group. (J.M.Starr,1997,The impact of sociology)

In the Johanna Mcgeary's article "Standoff in Kosovo' , she is not informing

reel war between the Serbs and the Albanian Kosovars, she is informing the war which is materialise in the desk by singing an agreement. Although there is an agreement waiting for to sign, but Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic resist singing it. And also she is giving the information about the position of Albanians and the NATO's attack. (Johanna Mcgeary, Standoff in Kosovo,Time weekly news magazine, March 29,1999)

A person who doesn't know anything about the Kosovo events and read Johanna Mcgeary will hate from Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic . Most of the people who read this media item may feel hostility to the Serbs and may try to help Muslims. And also support the NATO's attacked. As a result this article can be very effective article for the Muslims.

Nowadays Kosovo events have a big place on the mass media. CNN shows the bombing frames all the time, and the crying little Albanian children who are trying to escape from the Kosova, maybe they left their mother and father there. In my opinion, the problem is only one person. MILOSEVIC. The problem is him, not the others. He is the leader, he controls the country's media and its security forces, which lets him ignore or quell any apposition. It is ridiculous that the world still listening to him, and NATO try to finish the work. For me, NATO's attacked was on time and necessary , Muslim Albanians have right to live happy and comfortable in their home-land.

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