Censorship On The Internet

I object to the gradual loss of the freedoms promised in the Constitution. This last outrage, the loss of part of our Freedom of speech and assembly, contained within the telecomm act of 96 is just another step along the road to complete police state takeover. We are being treated like recalcitrant teenagers by those that think they know what is best for us, regardless of our feelings. Generally, it is later discovered that the proponents of these kinds of controlling maneuvers had something personal to gain. Be it power, control, money, sex or property. Those that wrote this bill, pushed for it, bargained away our rights in order to trade favors for something of their own, should be scrutinized closely, in every aspect of their own lives. If we continue to demonstrate, to march, to speak out, to make our voices and our

wishes heard, maybe-- just maybe, the wise and powerful few will hear, and rescind this nastiness. Ignorant laws passed by ignorant people in the palaces of Power, if they are ignored by the mass, soon become unenforceable laws. We, in the United States, are the laughing stock of the rest of the world that inhabits the Web. A few of our most ignorant politicians in Washington believe that they can control a community that overspans borders, oceans, and vast distances. The rest of the civilized world, on the Web or not, laughs at our arrogance, ignorance and just plain stupidity. This idiocy has made its way into the "other" mass media, and we, our leaders at least, look like foolish children. With perseverance we may prevail

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