It disgusts me the way the mindless American public can get themselves worked up into such an emotional lather over some story that is realistically going to have very little, if any, impact on their lives. Just who were those sobbing women who were standing outside JFK JR’s New York residence? They looked like poster children for mass hysteria.

This same story was repeated many times over the weekend of the crash, by lesser-known people and with little or no media coverage. Foolish decision making and poor judgment leading to tragedy. It’s a shame, really! So, can we get on with gnashing our teeth and pulling out our hair over something that actually matters? You don't work one single minute for you or your family until around lunchtime. The government takes everything you make up till that time. American families are suffering under the highest tax burden in the history of this nation. Doesn't that bother you a little? Each and every paycheck you receive is looted of about 15%. That money is placed into a phony account on which you will be lucky to earn as much as one-tenth of one percent over your lifetime. You could be investing this money for your own retirement and would probably end up earning more each year in retirement than you did when you were working. This is OK with you?

I could spend page after page here listing situations that should truly be on your radar screen, things that actually affect how you will live your life today and tomorrow. But, for the majority of Americans, these things just don't register. They don't matter. "Not interested? That's politics and it bores me!" More Americans can name the three people killed in that plane accident over that weekend than can name their two U.S. Senators and their Congressman. That, my friends, is sad beyond words. How in the world can this Republic survive when its people and the media, obsess over every detail concerning the Kennedy family at the expense of other stories that really matter?

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