Temporary Insanity:Marijuana Term Paper

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Temporary Insanity: Effects of Marijuana on Teens

There are many reasons why teens start smoking marijuana. Young people mostly have friends, brothers or sisters who use marijuana and pressure them to try it. Because marijuana is portrayed in music videos, on television, etc., many users think it is cool to be apart of the drug scene. Nevertheless, teenage users need to become more aware of the short-term, long-term and deterrent objectives that marijuana is associated with.

The short-term effects of using marijuana make many wonder why someone would use the dysfunctional drug. Marijuana likes to play with chemicals in the brain, allowing the memory and learning sections to become distorted. The way an individual thinks is altered after only a few inhalations. What you always wanted to think is exactly what you ponder when feeling high . Second, another effect is hazy perception; whether it is visual or mental. Your ability to see, hear or move go from being unconsciously done to being concentrated upon. Last, short-term effects may include increased heart rates, anxiety and panic attacks. Marijuana quickly starts to tamper with the human body, causing certain physical attributes to malfunction or overreact. The short-term high from marijuana may only be several hours long, yet the overall distortion it causes should be enough for people to turn it down.

Long-term effects from using marijuana are more focused on respiratory attributes in the human body. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is found in marijuana and plays a very important role in its effects. The high THC levels in marijuana are similar to those found in cigarettes. It is of no wonder why the chemicals in marijuana can increase the chances of cancer later in life. Moreover, the THC levels have a long-term, neurological effect on some users. Though memory loss is associated as being a short-term effect, it can become long-term as well. People who smoke marijuana tend to damage cells and tissues. Because these cells and tissues are detrimental to keeping a strong immune system, this issue is of great concern. If marijuana smokers do not think about the short-term effects, they should at least take a moment to realize its long-term counterparts.

It is more important than ever before that we develop comprehensive strategies for eliminating marijuana use among teens. Not only to deal with teens who are in trouble with marijuana, but to recognize and reward teens that opt to be drug-free. Teenagers who have friends who smoke should reconsider whether or not these smokers are really friends indeed. Because peer pressure is among the leading reason why teens start smoking, associating with positive acquaintances is important. Moreover, communities can try to help elevate the problem by getting youths involved more often.

Allowing youths to help out in the neighborhood gives them an excellent past time. If smokers have something constructive to focus on, maybe they would not hang on street corners puffing away. Last, teens need to realize that their life is something to take care of and not to waste away on drugs. Pressured teenagers should always remember that it is definitely alright to just say no.

To conclude, marijuana use among teens is rising in numbers. Short-term, long-term and positive alternatives need to be promoted in places where youths will see them. The media should have a duty to protect teens by monitoring what goes into television shows, videos, music, etc. The more teens become aware of the downfall that marijuana brings, the more they can promote being drug-free. There is nothing positive about marijuana, in the short-term nor long-term.

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