Legalization Of Marijuana 2 Term Paper

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Legalization of Marijuana in the United States

Legalizing Marijuana has become a popular issue with many

doctors and their patients in the United States. Doctors and

many patients have been petitioning to the United States

Government to allow the medical use of marijuana, but the outcome

has been unsuccessful. Even though Marijuana has possible side

effects, it has been very helpful in the medical field with

treating ill and sickly patients. Many new and better drugs are

needed in today's society to help treat and cure diseases and

Marijuana is one of those drugs. Legalizing Marijuana would help

treat sick patients and could possibly become a wonder drug used

by many doctors.

Marijuana, other wise known as cannibis extract, has been

used as medicine on sick patients since the beginning of time,

around 2727 B.C. Marijuana has thousands of uses in medicine,

particularly to treat symptoms of cancer, glaucoma, AIDS,

multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. It is known that Marijuana is

one of the safest therapeutically active drugs in the world and

that no one has ever died or overdosed from the drug. Marijuana

can reduce nausea, vomiting, and help with loss of appetite in

cancer and AIDS patients. With glaucoma patients, Marijuana can

help reduce the intraocular pressure and horrible pain the body

experiences. For multiple sclerosis, it helps reduce tremors,

stops muscle spasms, and restores bladder control, speech and

eyesight, and balance (Medicinal 1). These facts show that

Marijuana is very useful in the medical field and should be

legalized for medical and health purposes only. For some

purposes, Marijuana is not so bad of a drug as some people claim

to think. All drugs, from prescription to over the counter,

carry different amounts of risks to the person taking them. The

active ingredient in Tylenol, Acetaminophen, must be filtered out

of the blood. An excessive use of Tylenol could also result in

the damage of the liver. To prevent this, careful instructions

are placed on the bottles to keep this from happening. Marijuana

is not addictive and has not been proven to cause brain damage.

Any sources of smoke in the environment, not only Marijuana

smoke, is harmful to the lungs. Cigarettes are smoked by

thousands of people and serve just as harmful as Marijuana smoke.

The effects of Marijuana are not as many as some of the new

drugs out today like Propecia, which is used for to help with

hair loss in mean. Propecia's side effects include less desire

foe sex, difficulty in achieving an erection, a decrease in the

amount of semen, and it could affect a blood test called PSA,

also known as Prostate-Specific Antigen (Propecia 1). Marijuana,

on the other hand, has very few side effects too. When Marijuana

is consumed in the body, the appetite increases and the user is

either very relaxed or extremely active. The user's mouth and

throat become dry immediately after smoking, which causes the

person to drink large quantities of liquid. The person's heart

rate also increases and their eyes become a red-pink color.

Marijuana could also cause short-term memory loss (Effects 1).

Even though there are side effects of Marijuana, nothing

completely permanent is caused by Marijuana usage.

Marijuana should be legalized to help with sick and ill

patients. The sick patients should have the right to take

Marijuana to treat their symptoms due to their illness. Every

drug found in the drug store has possible side effects, as so

does Marijuana. Marijuana would be a great help in the medical

field if legalized for medical purposes only.

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