Marijuana Term Paper

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Marijuana, also called mary-jane, pot, grass, weed, doobey and reefer, is the

most commonly used illegal street drug in North America. It causes numerous

amounts of health risks, it's a gayway drug, and it can mess up your life by getting

you in trouble with the law.

Marijuana in it's self could cause brain damage, reproduction and hormonal

damage, Immune system damage, cancer, lung disease, or heart damage. It

increases your heart rate, makes your mouth feel dry, impairs motor skills, reddens

eyes and slurs your speech. It also gives you about the same heath risks as

tobacco users such as bronchitis, emphysema or bronchial asthma. In other words,

marijuana is not at all safer to do than a cigarette (which is a common myth). I don't

think that i have to explain to you why this things are bad.

Since marijuana is a "gateway drug", it gives you a greater chance of doing

other more serious illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. About 60 percent of

marijuana users end up doing other illegal drugs. Pretty much everybody that i know

that are on drugs now started out with marijuana. Marijuana may not be addictive in

it's self, but the drugs that it leads you to are very addictive.

Marijuana is illegal. It can get you into lots of legal trouble. In georgia, it is

illegal for anybody to possess, have under their control, manufacture, deliver,

distribute, dispense, administer, sell, or possess with intent to distribute marijuana.

To me, marijuana is not worth it to have anything to do with legal trouble. Don't give

the police the satisfaction of arresting you. Don't let them waste your time. Be

smart. Think before you decide that marijuana is not going to affect your life.

Marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. Not because of

it's own effects, but because of the other drugs that it leads you to. It is a mystery to

me why people would destory their lives just to fit in or to take the easy way out.

Smoking marijuana will cost you alot of things. Some day it will catch up to you, and

you will have to pay a price. That price just may well be your very own life.

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