The Drug War Term Paper

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Everyday someone is thrown in state prison for anywhere from 3 years to life for the "illegal" use of the drug known as marijuana. It has come down to it that thousands of pounds of marijuana are smuggled over the border of Mexico and into the United States. Regardless of the fight or struggle of people to insure the so said safety of our younger generations from the use of these drugs more and more comes into the Unites States. The use of the herbal drug marijuana becomes increasingly wide-spread. It's esteemated that over half of the kindergarden class of 2001 will have used marijuana at least once by the age of 18. While the goverment becomes increasingly concerned with the escalating use of marijuana, it isn't the only thing escalating. The goverment spends well over 100,000 dollars on the "drug war" each year. While our nations funds decrease from the war against hippies the facts are dismissed.

Although marijunan is considered highly bad it isn't in the least damaging. Marijuana is used as an aid in eating and was at one point issued to aids patients. With the complete banning of marijuana people with aids flood to Canada or die from choaking on their own vomit. Many people look at this controversial issue and wonder why. Why not legalize marijuana for the use of aids patients? Why not save another life? Frankly why not legalize for everyone. The sell alone would pay for the drug war.

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