Marijuana Term Paper

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Most users roll loose marijuana into a cigarette commonly known as a "joint." A typical joint contains between 0.5 and 1.0 gram of Marijuana plant matter, which varies in THC content between 5 and 150 milligrams. The drug also can be smoked in a pipe. One well-known type of water pipe is the bong. Within the past few years, users have found another way to smoke the drug, by slicing open cigars and replacing the tobacco with marijuana. The resulting marijuana cigar is called a "blunt." Some users also mix marijuana into foods or use it to brew tea

Smoking Marijuana can make some people feel like they're relaxed, loosened up, and giggly. It also makes them a little confused, spaced out, and red-eyed. Marijuana is an illegal substance. I will prove to you that Marijuana is not bad and should be legalized like tobacco. Marijuana helps your eyes, It is a natural substance (it is grown from a seed), and it doesn t harm are kill you in any way.

Marijuana helps your eyes. When you smoke Marijuana it makes your eyes red and it helps them from getting far sighted and or near sighted. It is like eating a carrot but you are smoking Marijuana.

Mixing chemicals makes LSD, crack, cocaine, heroin, and any other drug. Marijuana is just grown in a little garden. For Marijuana all you have to do is plant a Marijuana seed, water it, make sure it s in the sunshine and care and love it, like any other plant, and it will grow.

Marijuana can t kill you. You can t overdose on it, you can smoke 100 joints or take 100 hits from a bong and it can t kill you are harm you. If you take heroin and you inject too much in to your vein you will die from an overdose.

Marijuana is not that bad at all. So, why can t the government legalize it like tobacco? These reasons Marijuana helps your eyes. It is a natural substance, and it doesn t harm are kill you in any way. Those three reasons show you why Marijuana should be legalized.

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