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CHOICE 2 - Compare the changes in Macbeth and Lady

Macbeth as a result of the murder of King Duncan. How are

they before the murder, and what happens to each of them

and their relationship after the initial murder?

What I know of Macbeth I believe that Macbeth and Lady

Macbeth were quite greedy and selfish. Macbeth was forced

into his own fate by the greed of his wife. Lady Macbeth let

popularity and the Queenship get to her and she

practically made Macbeth murder Duncan the King of

Scotland. She knew once Duncan was dead Macbeth would

become Kind and then she would automatically be casted

Queen. Before the murder Lady Macbeth plays the role of

boss, in my opinion she tells Macbeth what to do every

step of the way. Lady Macbeth is calm, excited, very greedy

and quite ambitious as her husband, she taunts Macbeth s

courage to insure that he will murder Duncan and become

King. Macbeth is a little bit more on a different path.

Macbeth is one of Duncan s most courageous generals, his

driving ambition to become King of Scotland corupts him

and causes him to murder Duncan and order the slaying of

anyone who threatens his Kingship. When Macbeth

murders Duncan he then on watches everyone around him.

Being scared that he will be founded. Banquo is Macbeth s

closest friend and also a general in Duncan s army. Soon

after Macbeth murders Duncan, Macbeth fears that

Banquo suspects him of murdering Duncan, so Macbeth

once again jumps to conclusions and he arranges to have

Banquo murdered. At this point I believe that Macbeth

would be quite scared because he has his closest friend

killed for thinking Banquo knew that Macbeth murdered


At this point Lady Macbeth is isolated and not involved in

the plan. She attempts to lighten Macbeth s mood. They

are both restless and sleepless. Macbeth during a dinner

see s Banquo s ghost twice. Macbeth is completely

unnerved and ready to blurt out his guilt to those

assembled, but quick thinking Lady Macbeth gets to him

before he can do that. She dismisses everyone present. At

this moment in time after the murder Macbeth is scared

and feels utterly guilty.

When Macduff, a Scottish general gets on the scene,

Macduff strongly suspects Macbeth of murdering Duncan.

When the accusation gets out Macbeth immediately has

Macduff s family murdered. Macduff then swears

vengeance to kill Macbeth. Everything is moving so fast

and by this time everyone suspects Macbeth of murdering

Duncan, at this time Lady Macbeth s fear and remorse

eventually causes her to go mad. Lady Macbeth now is

quite ill, sleepwalking and talking in her sleep. A while after

Macbeth awakens to a scream and is told Lady Macbeth is

dead, apparently by suicide.

Mixed thoughts are running through Macbeth s head he

feels he has no reason to live anymore. Macbeth then

meets Macduff face to face. They begin to quarrel, he then

loses his courage and refuses to continue. Macduff then

kills Macbeth. Macduff then chops Macbeth s head of to

show Malcolm. I do not think Macbeth could have any

thoughts at this time because he is dead. Lady Macbeth

and Macbeth himself were greedy and selfish and they were

punished for all the actions which they committed.

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