Macbeth Term Paper

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Lady MacBeth hated Duncan when he came to the land. She hated

the fact that he stood a chance of being king over her husband

which ment she stood a chance of not being queen. Knowing this,

this made her very hateful towards him and she wanted him dead.

If he was dead there would be no one else left to be king but




Dear My Beloved Wife,

Lately, I have been seeing and feeling things I can not explain. I

have heard of the witches and their predictions for MacBeth anf

the kingdom and I personally do not know what to do. The witched

seem to think that MacBeth will never become king and that all his

efforts are in vain, but the way things are looking he has a good

chance of being king. What shall I do?

Your Beloved Husband

Word Count: 147

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