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Macbeth Response

My thesis statement is that I will talk about lady Macbeths Character and the way her character changed after the murder of king Duncan.

Lady Macbeth is the wife of Macbeth and after they meet the three witches lady Macbeth started to force Macbeth to do things that he didn’t really want to do like killing King Duncan and also killing other characters in this book.

I think Lady Macbeth had an evil character and also influenced Macbeth to do bad stuff too. She was like more of a man of the relationship instead of Macbeth. I think this because she controlled Macbeth by telling him he isn’t brave and making him do stuff he didn’t want to like that. Macbeth fell for it. I think Macbeth was a very Gullible Character in this book. He fell for all the tricks by the witches and all the tricks of the wife. I don’t think he deserved to become king especially like that.

I think that lady Macbeth changed a lot after the murder. She started going crazy and she had a lot of trouble sleeping. She started sleepwalking and eventually killed herself while sleepwalking. Then she jumped out of the window and killed herself.

In conclusion I think that lady Macbeth deserved what she got. She tried to make her husband kill people and she deserved to die in the end. She changed a lot after the murder of king Duncan and then she was going

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