Macbeth Poem Term Paper

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In the tragedy of Macbeth

No one knew about the death

The story starts when the war is won

The King of Cawdors life is done

A female is not Macbeth’s lady

Because her mind was evil and shady

She wanted to be a queen

But when she did, she jumped out of the window screen

The witches told Macbeth his fate

He killed Duncan with lots of hate

Lady Macbeth helped him with the crime

They drugged the guards just in time

After the death of the king

Ideas in Macbeth’s head started to ring

He killed Banquo who was a friend

But Banquo's son got away so it was not the end

People started to figure Macbeth out

His good friends were showing him doubt

He went to see the witches a second time

They started a chant with a famous rhyme

Double Double Toil and Trouble

They made their potion bubble

Macbeth saw his fate and was glad

He still started to go a little mad

He was happy when Macbeth saw the tree

Macbeth knew he would be King and no one else will ever be

Free from worry Macbeth now stands for he was the King Scotlands

Macduff was angry and smart

For he was going to kill Macbeth with all his heart

He went to England to gather some men

Then they went to Scotland to kill the King and win

They attacked the kingdom of Macbeth

Macduff showed him his death

They put his head on a stick

His heart ticked its last tick

Word Count: 262

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