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Anthony Sears


Period 2


Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are two megalomaniacs. Their actions in the first two acts are very childish and selfish. Their lust for power and control over runs their lives and becomes something to die for. Lady Macbeth is very persuasive, and Macbeth will almost follow her very word. Macbeth spends most of the play trying to cover up his and his wife’s mistakes.

Macbeth doesn’t have a very loud conscience. He acts on impulses throughout the play. Macbeth is a very strong and courageous man, and he does not fear much. He is a general and a social leader of his time. He is highly looked upon by members on hierarchy and others in the courts. Lady Macbeth knows all of this and she uses it against him in many ways physiological. She often dares him to do many things, and very often checks his manhood.

Lady Macbeth, at first doesn’t believe that Macbeth will commit the murders because she says, “he is too full o’ the milk of human kindness.” (1.5, 14) Lady Macbeth is really the one who wants to see Macbeth sit on the throne of Scotland.

After Macbeth kills Duncan he, in a since goes crazy. He did not know what he had got himself into until it is to late. His wife in all of this doesn’t seem to think much of it. She is kind of a “iron butterfly” she after the murders she holds her composer and thinks nothing of it. After Macbeth commits the murder she has her way with Macbeth, she can boss him around because he is so out of it he doesn’t know what he is doing all the time. Lady Macbeth fastens Macbeth’s mind to the throne of Scotland and doesn’t let him steer away from it until his death. She is an over powering and is the main reason for Macbeth’s death.

Word Count: 322

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