I read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I consider this book a fantasy action adventure.

Bilbo is undoubtedly the main character of this book. Bilbo is the hobbit in this book and hobbits have a short a stout appearance. At the beginning Bilbo was reluctant to join the journey ,but as the story progresses he reaches into the hero inside of him. At the beginning you might think Bilbo is a cowardly hobbit ,but his courage comes out toward the end. Bilbo is a good person and he is very tidy and neat he likes things to run in a certain order. He also has a great leadership skill when it comes down to it. Bilbo 's relationship to the plot is easy to tell because he is the main character in fact most of the conflicts are solved because of him. Two things that Bilbo influenced in the story are for example: one part when all of the dwarves are caught up in the spiders' webs he help distract the spiders and free the dwarves , and another instance is when the dwarves are jailed by the elf king Bilbo steals the keys off of a drunk guard and frees the dwarves once again he also planned a escape route by floating down the river in barrels. Bilbo did make some changes as I listed previously he became more of a leader and more courageous I also think that he loosened up by the and was more easy going also.

Thorin Oakenshield was the leader of the dwarves and heir to the throne under the mountain. Thorin' s physical appearance was that he was a dwarf which are usually stout and strong people. Thorin was a leader and a warrior and destined to be king. He had a short temper though yet he was understanding he was a almost perfect example of a leader. He was a good an honest leader although his judgment was a little flawed at the end. Thorin had a very important role in the plot of the story he was the real warrior and fighter he was the true leader of the group. He played a major role in the War Of Five Armies even though he fell in battle. I believe that Thorin did not have any major changes in his character ,but if he changed at all he possibly warmed a little up to Bilbo he probably became a kinder person than he was even though he had a rough edge to his personality.

On of my favorite events in the whole story is when Bilbo met the dwarves for the first time. This of course took place at Bilbo 's house I opinion is that this is Gandalf 's way of tricking Bilbo in joining the journey to Smaug 's cave. This of course manipulated Bilbo in joining the journey that would start the story. This is an important event because this started the journey.

Another favorite event of mine is the gruesome War Of Five Armies. The was the last major action before the end of the story so it is probably the second most important event in the story. This happened outside of the city that Bard lived in. The reason this war took place was that the goblins and their allies were angry at the death of the Great Goblin (the leader of the goblins of the mountain) which Bilbo 's group is clearly responsible for. This brought the men, elves, and dwarves into a alliance against this universal enemy. In this battle Thorin was mortally wounded and eventually died and two of the journey 's dwarves died whose names escapes me. Close to the end of the battle it was looking bad for Bilbo and friends ,but when everything was turning out bad the eagles showed and helped to even the odds for Bilbo and his group. Bilbo avoided harm by wearing his magic ring of power while watching Gandalf 's back. There is not much more than that described in the book except Bilbo passed out and was rejoined to the group after the battle.

The theme of this book to me is "you do not have to be a special hobbit to be a hero". Personally I can not wait to read the sequel to this book I give it two thumbs up. The ending was satisfactory for me I have no complains about it. I would probably want to more about how Bilbo lived out the rest of his days in more detail. Besides that the author could have done any better.

By: Drew Bohrer

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