Jesus Christ is the Lord of Heaven and earth. He died on the cross for your sins and forgave you of all of the sins you've ever committed and ever will commit. He loves you more than life itself! Without Jesus in your life, their is no way you can go to Heaven. If your life isn't given fully to Christ, than you will spend the rest of eternity in hell! Please don't make the mistake of not following Jesus! He is the only way you will ever experience REAL happiness and REAL joy and TRUE peace! Please don't make the mistake of putting Jesus off, because you are never guarunteed tomorrow! You might wake up tomorrow in your eternal state of being! Know that He is Lord, and that He saved you from death...only if you accept Him! Do you want to know you have the assurance of eternal life after death with God Almighty? All you have to do is:

(1)Confess with your mouth to God that you are a sinner and you deserve hell just as much as anyone else.

(2)Confess with your mouth that Jesus DID die on the cross for the sins of the world and that he DID raise up from the dead three days later and that he DID ascend into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God Almighty.

(3)Ask Jesus to come into your life and to take full authority, leadership, and lordship over your life and heart.

Now you are promised eternal life after death! Thank God for saving your from death and hell!

Remember, being saved is not a prayer, it's an attitude and a way of life! Jesus loves you more than you will ever know or understand, love Him in your walk and your talk, and your attitudes. Don't ever conform to the worldly ways and let Satan decieve you.

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