The Games Politicians Play: Term Paper

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The language of politicians is renown for its strict usage of persuasiveness; loaded with a kind of trickery that gains the audiences’ attention and plays with the minds of those exposed to it. But just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the amount of influence that persuasive language has on a specific person. In other words, a person’s background, beliefs, and experiences are all considerable factors when it comes to their personal degree of skepticism. Therefore, the convincingness of a text can greatly differ between one person to another.

Using Murray Sabrin’s campaign speech as an example, he portrays the usage of many persuasive devices to gain the audiences’ support with the main objective being to eventually gain their votes. Lucid analysis of the text and a description of popular persuasive techniques will reveal the obscured motives of the speaker. In addition, feedback from the audience will also conclude if his devices are really convincing. Based on the reactions from the interviews I have received on this text

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