1. Bachelor s degree or higher plus work experience. Some states require certification, To become a certified athletic trainer you must have earned at least on college degree, completed a basic education program, that includes a minimum of 800 hours clinical experience and pass a three-part exam.2. $20,800-$52,000 a year3. 1996-2006 N/A, estimated to rise +14.6%, 1996 28,8954. Grade 10-Art, Biological Science, Consumer Health, Electives, Foreign Language, Intermediate Algebra, Language Arts, Physical Education, and Social Studies.

Grade 11- Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Electives, Art, Health Occupations, Language Arts, Physical Education, Social Studies and Physiology.5. Basketball Trainer, Football Trainer, Soccer Trainer. 6. Brian ArehnesI was very surprised that trainers need so much training in order to become a athletic trainer. I might see myself doing this job because I like sports. The only person I know is Brian Arehnes. I choose this job because it sounds kind of interesting.

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