language and culture

----the differences and sameness reflecting in colors


1. the overview of the whole paper.

to discuss the culture difference and sameness which reflecting in colors between Chinese and English.

1. a brief introduction of the usage of color words

a. adj + color words

(1)light/pale +color words

(2)bright/rich/vivid +color word

(3)dull/dirty +color word

(4)deep/dark +color word

b. color words + --ish

c. "color words +color words"

d. color words +and +color words

chapter2 main body

The discussion on the culture difference and sameness reflecting in colors ,and detail on the common colors as example.

1) To both Chinese and westerners ,some color may have meanings in common ,the common meaning of these words can be easily understood by both of them.

A .red in both Chinese and English is usually associated with happy occasions.

B .white to most Chinese and westerners suggest purity,innocence and honesty.

C .black in both Chinese and English carry a negative meaning .

D .purple in English often share the same meaning of power and prosperity as that in Chinese .

E . grey in both English and Chinese suggest darkness, blue mood or gloomy outlook.

2) The same color in English and Chinese may carry the contrary connotation.

A .It seems that blue is a favorable word to Chinese .but in English it associate with gloom and depression.

B .white can be quite different in western and china

3) The color words may convey quite different message to Chinese and westerners .The different connotation in English or in Chinese may be misunderstood or can’t be understood by Chinese or westerners.

Detail on the basic color words and their phrases.


to end the dissertation with a brief conclusion and several examples as a natural result of the previous discussion.

language and culture

chapter 1

does language shape culture or does culture shape language? in my view, language is a mirror, in front of which culture is reflected. as a student majoring in English as a foreign language, I’d like to take this advantage to discuss the cultural differences between Chinese and English . in the following passage, i am going to elaborate on the cultural differences reflecting in colors. there are many color words in our language, such as red, white, black, yellow, purple and so forth, which are used frequently.

in the first place, I’d like to introduce the common usages of the color words. A) adj. +color word

Word Count: 410

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