The Official English Language

Proposition 63 will make English the Official Language

of the United States and I am against The official English

Law. The Official English Law is said to be able to promote

unity throughout the U.S. The official English Law will

prohibit federal and state laws, ordinances, regulations,

orders, programs and policies from requiring the use of

other languages. The Official English Law is not for

English, but against bilingualism. It will abolish

bilingual programs throughout the U.S. According to a

article I got off the Internet, there is billions of

dollars being spent on bilingual programs in the U.S.

today . All that money being spent on bilingual programs

shows that the U.S. is in need of bilingual programs.

The Official English Law will promote unity throughout

the United States. This law will promote unity by

strengthening most of Americans common bond, the English

language. This law will also promote unity by sending a

message to all immigrants encouraging them to join our bond.

The immigrants can join our bond by learning the Official

Language , English.

California is fine without the Official language Law.

According to a article off the internet, in a national

survey, two thirds of Californians thought that English was

already designated the official language , so this tells me

that most Americans are living fine without this law.

California is fine without this law because English is

already the language most commonly spoken. From personal

experience, where ever I go there is a lot of bilinguals

around me and nobody seems bothered by it.

The official English Law is unconstitutional This law is

unconstitutional because it posses a threat to the civil

rights, educational opportunities, and free speech of the

bilingual citizens of California. Bilingual speakers will

not be able to speak out publicly about something that is on

his mind. Bilingual children will not learn anything in a

school that does not speak their language. This law is also

an insult to minorities, which includes people who have

roots in this country deeper than those of the English

speakers. This law is also unconstitutional because it also

serves as a justification to racists and native biases in a

cover up of American patriotism.

The United States is so great because of its diversity in

languages and cultures. America is a place where everybody

can fit in. It is important to remember the people who made

the U.S. ours, but it is more important to remember why it

is so great. This law will be a backwards step, in that the

diversity of our country will diminish, so why fix something

that is not broken?

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