Why Should Students Study Ancient History? Ancient history is an extremely important aspect of our everyday lives. Everything we do today has a relation to ancient history. From the languages that we speak, to the decisions we make, ancient history influences them all. Many of the fundamental issues of human society which still exercise us today were first formulated in ancient times. The languages we speak all over the world are affiliated with ancient history. Latin, the Indo-European language of the ancient Latins and Romans and the most important cultural language, is the root language for many countries. Also, most modern languages constantly turn to Latin and Greek roots to develop new scientific terminology. The vocabulary and structure of the English language can be developed by learning ancient languages that our language was


generated from. The culture of ancient civilizations is an imparitive part of our lives. Ancient civilizations created everything we learn today, including mathematics, literature, art, and astronomy. Ancient civilizations also developed the first buildings, roads, aqueducts, and towns that enabled us to have the knowledge to construct the large cities we have today. Our government also uses the traditions and beliefs that were also utilized by ancient civilizations. Ancient history has made an enourmous impact on our culture today. The language we speak to the roads we travel, ancient history is connected with them all. Every student should study ancient history in order to obtain the full knowledge needed. Not enough can be said about how ancient history affects our lives.

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