My opinion is that child labor was one of the most terrible acts in the 1800 s. I am sure that there were more than enough adults to take care of the jobs that small child had to do. I think that child labor sick and twisted and anyone who believes in it should not be considered human. In these textile industries most of the workers were under 10 and were paid little if any. If I lived in a society that let little children work I would have fought it a the start. Some of these children died or is a cripple for the rest of their lives. The man I did my report on started working as a piecer on a machine called Billy. Him standing there all day and working on the machine messed up his legs and hand. He ended up being a cripple. He had to have his arm cut off just below the elbow. This man was only one of the many who had to go through this revolution and live through the pain of getting a leg cut off here and a arm cut off there. Doesn t really sound like my kind of job. If I had to work in a place like that I would probably just kill myself to save all the pain a suffering that I would have to go through. There are some good things about those who worked in those mills. They were the start of the industrial revolution of America. If that would have never been think of where we would be know. Probably still living in poverty. Or maybe it wouldn t be that bad we would find alternatives. If people in Egypt could build a pyramid why couldn t we make our stuff without big old machines that pollute the air and the ozone layer will be no more and we will all be exposed to all the radiation from the sun and will a burn and die. Well getting back to the subject. Things happen for a reason and if that man who made the cotton gin, or the guy that started working a mill at age of 6 wouldn t have done what they have done we might have not been here right know. We wouldn t have clothes on our backs or cars to drive. Over all I think that William Dodd was a good man and what he did was painful but

useful. If I got the chance to live his life. I Wouldn t!!!

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