Persuasive essay AFL - CIO Working people need representation so that the jobs we work everyday are productive for us. We find this representation in the form of unions. The AFL - CIO is an organized group that we can turn to, in search of this representation. The AFL - CIO is the biggest labor union in the United States. This American Federation of Labor is a formal group because, it has different positions such as president, vice - president, secretary, and treasurer. The AFL - CIO utilizes lobbyists and has a political action committee. The union pays for senators to be a part of their platform to push ideas. The ALF - CIO uses the bandwagon approach to influence the publics opinion. The AFL - CIO says that they are, " Rebuilding the base of working families". The AFL - CIO currently has thirteen million members working for


them. The Labor Union raised three hundred seventy five million dollars for the next five years but, can only spend about sixty five million dollars a year, which keeps them on a tight budget considering the new things they want to add to their union. Richard Bensinger is the forty five year old man that is the founder of this organization. This group was founded by Richard to give fair rights, fair pay, and a fair and decent work day. This interest group supports the Democrats because Sweeney, (president of the AFL - CIO) works together and compromises with the Democrats so that they can keep their unforceful atmosphere. Over time, the political affiliation has been trying to change leadership, financial priorities, organizational charts and unionism itself. A labor union is a good place for a woman or man to get a job because you have job security and receive a decent salary.

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