On August 19, 1993 the FBI assaulted the compound of the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas with tear gas after a standoff. The medieval crusaders could best be identified with the FBI attacking someone different from themselves for "the better good." Who is to blame is not what should be asked, but why it started in the first place? This paper will now show the perspective of a "modern" crusader explaining the Waco standoff and murders.

As a crusader, I find that the raid by the U.S. Government was a necessary evil in order to bring peace. It really solved more problems than it caused and should be looked at as a moral victory for our great country. The use of tear gas should have made the Davidians surrender, but instead they only committed suicide in spite of the good intentions of the FBI. Since Branch Davidians are really cult followers, are evil sinister people, and trying to overthrow our government and force people to join their pagan sect, we had every right to go beyond the law and the Constitution. In order to keep peace, the truth should not be told, because it would be too upsetting for people who do not know what was "really" going on. Since we did not truly know what these people were doing, we thought it would be best to make them feel very defensive so they would to show that they were not doing anything wrong. It is a mystery as to why they shot at us just because we shot at them first. One would think that they would just surrender, especially since our government is so powerful, which obviously means that God wants it to be done. We put one of our brightest leaders, Janet Reno, in control, and used the reliable and truthful information of the ATF. Both of these great tools were only looking out for the best interest of the Davidians, and not looking to only "end a hassle." It is unperceivable to understand why the Davidians did not act like we thought they should act after we tried to force them out with the riot control. It is too bad that people died, but they started it.

Although this method of law enforcement did not work one hundred percent, it did serve as best as it could and we see no reason to change it, especially since this was just an "isolated" incident. Since we are in power, God must want it to be so, otherwise the Davidians would have lived and/or this incident would have never happened. Ever since this event, though, we have been having problems caused from all of the media, who are infesting our great country with outrageous heresies on the news, who think what we did was "wrong." What would they know? They weren't even there. People are trying to take us out of power and make reform. People don't trust us anymore. It is becoming harder and harder to sweep things under the rug. Certain leaders of our "battle" have been treated like heretics by being put on trial for doing God's will.

In conclusion, it would be impossible to determine if any similar event(s) would happen in the future. We can only believe that our government is looking out for the best interest in its citizens and not trying to hide what "needs" to be known. It is also unfortunate that anyone involved has been put on trial through the public eye, since they all acted so bravely.

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