Christianity is now in our modern world one of the five major religions. The other major religions include Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism from which Christianity descended. Christianity was practiced before Christ, During his life, and after his life. After Christ+s life Christianity spread to become a main world religion.

In 63 B.C. Roman power spread to Judea, the Jewish homeland. At the time King Herod was the ruler of Judea, he accepted Roman rule and angered many Jews by doing so. After the death of Herod many Jews revolted against Roman rule for 10 years. At this time there were two main factions of Jews, one group, the Zealots wanted to rid Judea of Roman influence. The other group was waiting for a messiah as scripture had prophetized. The Messiah, or Savior would restore the kingdom to the Jews.

Jesus is said to have been born around 4-6 BC. When Jesus was 30 he began his ministry. Many of the reasons that his religion succeeded were that it treated everyone equally promised eternal life and was centered on on your personal relationship with God. Jesus+ teachings included love for God, neighbors, enemies and yourself. The ten commandments and the basic foundation of Judaism was included in his teachings as Jesus was born a Jew.

Jesus had 12 disciples, disciple means follower or pupil, even long after the death of Jesus these disciples would continue teaching about Jesus. The first four books of the bible were written by the Disciple these books are called apostles they are as follows Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Jesus became famous, because he appealed to the rich and poor alike, he had few or no possessions and he traveled all over what was then considered to be the world. Jesus attracted attention from both Jewish and Roman leaders.

When Jesus visited Jerusalem around 29 AD, he found enthusiastic crowds greeting him as the messiah. However he was arrested for not worshiping pagan Roman gods and was sentenced to death on a cross. While he was hanging awaiting death he forgave those who had killed him and those who had worshipped him the day before were denying him. After his crucifixion he was placed in a tomb, on the third day he rose, and greeted his followers, further convincing them that he was the messiah.

Paul was originally a Jew by the name of Saul, who persecuted Christians. When Paul was traveling to Damascus he saw a vision of Chris and from then on interpreted and spread the teachings of Jesus. Paul played a major part in Christianity+s spread, he also opened Christianity top Gentiles or people of non - jewish descent.

The Christians were also scapegoats for the decline of the Roman empire. Christians refused to worship pagan Roman, therefore this was seen as a threat to the Roman emperors. Because the Romans felt threatened by the Christians, many emperors ordered the persecution of Christians. During the Empire+s fall many people saw the Christians as reasons for it+s collapse, because of this Christians were hunted down much like Jews in World War 2.

Christianity would spread to become one of the world+s major religions. It is thanks to Constantine that governments would be founded under this religion which would make it+s use even more widespread.

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