Global History 9 March 23rd 1999

In the world today there are three major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Each having the same background but having different views of this religion. These religions all have originated from the same area, the Middle East, and each having branched out from there.

The basic beliefs for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is that they all should believe in one and only one God and believe that we should not worship idols.

Christianity s basic belief is that there was a Messiah sent from God. Christianity asserts that he was sent to free our sins. Christianity also teaches that in order to receive eternal life, one has to act like a Christian, which includes the way we think and say. The blue print of this way of living is the Ten Commandments.

Judaism s basic belief is that there is a messiah still to come. They believe in the Ten Commandments also. They value the same concept of living as Christians do.

Islam Believe that there was a prophet named Muhammad that taught their country about God, they think he was the greatest prophet in the entire bible. They also believe in the Quran (Koran). Which contains the five pillars of Islam, this is compared to the Ten Commandments. The Muslims believe the Ten Commandments but more so in the five pillars.

The similarities of these three religions are that each believes in the same one and only God. Each has the same values. All of them have the same backbone, which means that they all believe in the Old Testamate. They also originated from the same part of the world, where they all branched out from.

Though they have a lot of similarities they would not be separate if they did not have differences. The difference from Christianity is that we believe that Jesus the Messiah came to earth to die for our sins.

Judaism sees Jesus as a great prophet and thinks that the messiah is still to come.

Islam believes that Jesus was a prophet also, and Muhammad was a greater prophet. They also believe in a book called the Quran (Koran). They believe in the five pillars. They say that a Muslim should try to fulfil these pillars in a lifetime.

All these religions have similarities, yet they have differences. They all were once the same, but branched out into groups. They worship the same God but have different views on their religion.

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