Qi Gong is an age old study of the natural energies of the body. It has been used in China for thousands of years, developing inner strength, energy, and clear channels, through which vital chi are flowing. It has been proven through history that this will keep people healthy and disease free, connecting the body, spirit, focusing on breathing, concentration and physical movements.

Qi Gong is an introduction to Chi Nei Tsang, which is the practice healing from within. It does not treat symptoms yet it is about communication through deep touch and assisting the individual in her/his process no matter where or at what stage the process is. Even near death the individual is not going to be considered a sick person but rather as someone going through a very personal and indeed important process where assistance and support are very much needed.

When the mind decides to ignore a part of oneself from feeling pain, that part of the body will be blocked out of ones consciousness. Because one will be prevented from feeling pain one will not be able to feel good either. Furthermore to numb out that part of the body, the mind needs to prevent contact by:

Mental contact- we temporarily avoid and forget about that part of our body.

Physical contact- by restricting mobility and motility of the different organs and tissues of that area including breathing.

These restrictions can create all kinds of symptoms originating from the affected area primarily through lack of energy, blood, lymphatic drainage, metabolic rate, atrophy, and spasm. Chi Nei Tsang, by helping the individual to communicate with oneself, allows a better integration of all the different parts of the self: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.

The digestive system not only digest foods, but digests emotions. The process of digestion is to break down, absorb and distribute nutrition through the body and also to eliminate what is not needed. Equally we nourish ourselves with emotions, absorbing what we need and eliminating what we don't. Emotions are following the same track as the food we eat. First we taste them, chew them, and swallow them, then we "stomach" them and then go to the process of separating what we need and what we don't need and then eliminate what we don't need. As for nutrition, some elements will take years to be processed. They will remain, in the mean time, stuck in the digestive system as a contraction of the corresponding tissues. That part of the digestive system won't be able to perform at it's full potential and will result in impaired digestion with all the resulting consequences.

There are many aspects to Qi Gong, some of which have to do with the mysteries of life itself and man's ability to experience them in such ways as to point toward immortality. One once said, "Qi Gong can reveal the mystery of life. It is the best way to further world medical science and bring health, longetivity, and wisdom to human kind."

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