Mao Zedong vs. Deng Xioping

Mao Zedong was one of if not the most famous communist leaders in the history of China. His views of modernizing his country won him millions of followers. After his death in 1976, a man by the name of Deng Xioping attempted to win over Mao's former followers and rule China. These two men were probably the most influencial people in China inthe 1900's. Though they both broughht thoughts of ending poverty and inequality in China, Deng's ideas for economic reform was more successful.

During the early 1900's Mao Zedong became the leader of the Chinese Communists. From that point on until his death he kept the attention of millions of Chinese men, women and children. He did this by bringing views of the modernization of China by communist rule. To his followers, his views were perfect and they obeyed his every word. Mao also gained support by basing his ideas toward the peasants. Another thing too is the fact that his army unlike any others before them payed the peasasnts for thier food and shelter. Some ways that his ideas fro modernization worked were the fact that under his rule, China withheld order, he also got the country to become more self-sufficient. Mao got programs to increase the coutry's food output and built better schools. Although these are some unbeleivable accomplishments, they are nothing compared to Deng's ideas for economic reform.

Deng Xioping took over China in 1976 shortly after Mao's death. His ideas were based more toward a less disciplined government. Much like Mao, Deng was working to help China's school system. He thought that more could be accomplished if he let foreign investors in the country. Many of Mao's followers turned to Deng for ideas about a smarter country. Another thing that Deng did totally different from Mao was let some privately owned companies reestablish themslves in China .

Deng's ideas for economic reform were more successful than Mao's ideas for many reasons. The first reason was because Mao didnt stay in power long enough to accomplish all his goals. Another reason is that Deng's ideas appealed to more people, and he let foreign powers into the coutry to set up buisnesses. Deng's accomplishments brought China back into the social circle of the world superpowers. Mao's ideas aren't what hindered him, it was his view that everything should be handled totally disciplined that turned away so many people. In closing I wouldlike to say that these two leaders were very influencial in helping China achieve somewhat better living and a much better school system. Leaders today should take into consideration using some of Mao and Deng's ideas, since they worked so well for them. Finally I would like to reiterate my view that Deng's ideas for social reform were much more successful. asË" 

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