Code of Hammurabi compared with Five Pillars of Islam and Five Basic Relationships of Confucianism

Code of Hammurabi

Major Idea-

Composed by Hammurabi (Babylonian Emperor)

Researched past and present customs

He selected ones seeming to be important, modifications were made

and added

Influenced Babylonian Empire, 1760 BC

Political Development

Unified widely spread empire, with a common system; laws.

Also incorporated-common religion;all subjects must worship

Marduk-god of Babylon

Five Basic Relationships of Confucianism

Major Idea-

Composed by Kong Qiu (Confucius)

One Basic Relationship

States people are social creatures (beings who enjoy company of

others;unity among people.

Quality, Jen, makes people social creatures.

Jen-root of society;without it, no society.

Understanding yourself;alows you to understand others.

"Do not unto others what you do not wish done to


Influence on China

Social Development

Begins with Han Dynasty-Family realtionships based upon teachings

School-chirlden-offered sacrifices in his memory

Shrines built to worship him

Five Pillars of Islam

Main Idea

1 Pillar

Muslims must recite, "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His


Believe; the ones of God must be engraved in hearts and minds.

Public recital of lines is all needed to become Muslim

Repeating of words, Muslims are remind that Muhammad

was only a human prophet

The More chapters a Muslim can recite=better educated.

Influence on Arabian Peninsula

Social Development

Successors of Muhammad-continued in his teachings, Pillars.

People from here lived lives under Pillars

People from this area continued Muhammad's teachings by going to other

regions and converting people.

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