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Suicide is the fifth leading cause of death in Canada, with 3709

deaths recorded in 1992. This approximates to around one death

every two hours.

Of these, men account for 2923 (one death every three hours - fifth

leading cause) and women account for 786 (one death every ten

hours - tenth leading cause).

Men were more likely to use firearms to commit suicide: 991 of

the men compared with only 59 of the women.

Source: Statistics Canada

Deaths by suicide and self-inflicted injury per 100,000 aged


There is and 80% chance that someone who has attempted

suicide will try to kill themselves again. 8 out of 10 people who

commit suicide give clues that they wanted to kill themselves.

500,000 teenagers aged 15 to 25 try to kill themselves every

year. 500 teenagers succeed.

People who kill themselves usually don't want to die, they just

want to get away from the pain.

Almost 90% of all people suffering from depression do respond

positively to medications.

In some Countries and States Suicide is actually a felony.

In the United States more people kill themselves than are killed

by other people.

Most people who kill themselves do not leave notes.

Depression almost always leads up to suicide.

Teenage guys kill themselves 2 times more than anyone else.

Clusters of teenage suicides have been occurring more often,

this is when one suicide triggers many others in the same area.

Most teens who are suicidal can work it out by talking or

occasionally going on medication and go on to live long healthy


SOURCE: "Some Facts You Want to Know"

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