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The definition of anger is, a feeling of displeasure,

hostility or exasperation toward someone or something.

Anger is also when you feel lonely or in certain

situations you feel depressed.

There are many results that go with anger one of

them is negative by throwing things, by yelling at things

or people and also taking it out on yourself by hitting or

punching yourself. Anger can also lead to crime, abuse

or more violent behaviors such as wrecking something

of someone else's. Anger also has positive affects like

if your in a basketball game and you get angry at

someone you might play harder and win the game.

Anger can help you reach your goals, handle

emergencies, solve problems and protect your health

and yourself.

There are five different ways to deal with anger

they are competing, collaborating, compromising,

avoiding and accommodating. Competing is when you

only blame the other person or thing you are angry at.

When you try to start a fight. Collaborating is when you

blame you self by saying " it's ok it is all my fault" when

it is the other persons fault.

Compromising going half and half with someone

saying yes that part is your fault but this other part is

my fault. Avoiding is where you try to stay away from

the problem and act like it never happened.

Accommodate is to change yourself so the problem is


I learned my style competing by my dad. I think

that because when we get mad we do the same thing.

Like if my computer won't do what I want it to do I take

it out on the computer and anyone that is around me. By

yelling or just not talking to any one. My mom always

says you act just like your dad when you get angry. I

have always been this way. That is why I swim I like to

compete with people till I get my way or win the battle.

When my dad was in high school he was a wrestler and

that is a very competitive sport also.

Anger is an important issue at home because I

think that when one person gets mad that it makes

some families pull closer because everyone wants to

know what is wrong, that gets more families to talk.

Anger is also important to talk to someone weather it is

someone at home, school or at work because you need

to talk to someone about why you are angry or you

could commit suicide or hurt your self very badly. You

will always talk to someone about it because you can't

always keep it in you.

I think that anger dose effect the climate at MTHS

because when there is a fight them people act more

violent I think. When someone at our school is angry at

someone then they get other people mad at that person

to even if they don't know them it's just because they

mad your friend mad that you will start to hate the

person that got your friend mad. Also when someone

gets mad and starts to yell at a teacher we all in that

class suffer from it we now have the teacher mad.

Anger effect the work place by the same way it

effects the school one person gets mad and that makes

everyone around you in a bad mood also. Anger can

make you not do quality work since you are sow mad

that you just sit there or you do poor work because you

are thinking about something else.

Anger can bring on many health issues like you can

hurt you self when you get angry. You could commit

suicide or try to kill someone else. Anger can cause you

to get migraine headaches, severe gastrointestinal

symptoms, hypertension, and coronary artery disease.

You could also think that drugs or drinking can help you

solve your problems and they could cause many more

health problems such as over dosing.

Rage is when you take out anger in a violent way

weather it is beating someone or just messing

something up of someone's. You can get rage from

being angry at some one or something.

Things that make me angry are when you are in a

class to learn and you get immature kids in that class

and you never get anything done because they ask

stupid questions that never get any where with them. I

also get angry when my sister wares my clothes its not

like she doesn't have any clothes. I get angry when

people just stand in the halls and talk when people are

trying to get to class and they act like they don't see

them. And when people walk one mile an hour in the

halls and make a big line behind them when there are

2000 kids in the school with five minute passing

periods, sorry but all of us don't like to be late to class.

I deal with anger most of the time by avoiding the

problem but if I get really mad about it like when people

are just standing in the hall or walking really slow, I

start to say things like " can't we walk any faster" or "

ok we all just stand in the middle of the halls and never

go to class on time".

Then when they walk slow in the halls it makes me

late to class and I get in trouble and my grade goes

down because my teacher thinks I'm in the hall talking.

When my sister takes my close I always yell at her then

we get in a big fight and try to beat each other up till

one of us starts to cry. That never helps because my

mom will always say Breeana she is younger then you

and you should not be hitting her, and you ware her

close. I have never worn one piece of her clothing in my


When I get mad I sometimes just go in my room

and listen to the radio. I try to sleep most of the time

but that if avoiding the problem. I also try to keep my

mind off of what ever is bugging me by reading or


To relax I go swimming when I can. By swimming I

think of other things. I sometimes go in my back yard

and play basketball for an hour so, that way I can take it

out on something. I read a little if I am in the reading

mode. What I really like to do is sleep but I always start

to think of other things I should do first. I also like to

just sit at home all alone and watch TV. I also like to

clean my room and make it look very nice so my mom

gets happy with me, and when I clean my room everyone

knows to leave me alone or I will get mad.



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