Firearms Essay

In the early development Canada, guns were a predominant tool and was used by the first settlers in Canada for survival. Firearms were used in all of the wars over territory in North America. The first settlers need firearms for hunting, protection, and helped form jobs in the fur trade. Now in the 21 century, firearms are being used in against innocent people, in crimes such as robbery and some firearms are being created that serve no practical purpose except for the purpose of killing people. Not all people with guns are criminals, people use firearm for sport hunting, target shooting, and some collect antiques firearms. Now the government had a choice of prohibiting all weapons, or creating gun registration and licencing. This essay is to prove that gun control is a better course of action compared to the prohibiting all firearms.

As on January 1, 2001. anyone who owns a firearm, or wishes to be able to own a firearm must apply for a firearms licence. There are 5 different categories of licences, the first one is licence for possession only. This licence allow people that currently own firearms and do not plan on acquiring any additional guns in the future to operate non-restricted firearms, and are able to apply to operate restricted and prohibited firearms. The second type is the licence to obtain and possess firearms. This form of licence allow people to possess, trade, buy and sell firearms. This licence allows the person to not only possess, but also to acquire additional firearms. Third, there is the licence for minors. A minor is a person under the age of 18. This licence allows minors, with parental permission to use firearms, but are not allowed to own their own gun but must borrow from a person of legal age. The forth type is a licence to operate a crossbow. A crossbow is considered a restricted weapon and so needs a licence to operate and to purchase a crossbow. The last type is a 60-day borrowing licence. This licence allows a person to operate a firearm for a 60 day time period. For this licence the person is not able to own a firearm, but allows them to borrow a firearm and at the end of the time period must be free of all firearms.

The only way you do not have to get a licence is if you can prove you are a sustenance hunter. This means that you must hunt in order to feed yourself and to feed your family. If you are approved as a sustenance hunter you are allowed to own and operate any non-restricted firearm. The reason for this is because in some remote parts of Canada, firearms are still needed for survival, and the government can't start charging a person for a necessity needed for a persons survival.

The purpose of Firearm licencing is to be able to restrict any person or persons who have committed violent offences or who are likely to commit crimes with a firearm from owning, operating or purchasing ammunition. This way is makes it much harder to obtain a firearm and also targets the potential offenders and makes sure they do not possess firearms. The reason firearm licencing is better than prohibiting all weapons, is because this method gets the firearms out of the hands of criminals, and allows responsible people to continue to own and operate their firearms.

Not only dose the law require firearm licencing, but as of January 1, 2003. All firearms in Canada must be registered. To register a firearm, you must identify the firearms make, model, serial number (if there is one), calibre/gage, barrel length, type, action, number of shots and the manufacture. This information is taken to make it easier to identify each owner with each individual firearm. The purpose of this is mostly to link any crimes committed with a firearm with the firearm used to commit the crime. This also makes any prohibited easier to find because you cannot register most prohibited weapons.

All firearms fall into one of three categories, non-restricted, restricted or prohibited. Firearms that are Non-Restricted are any rifles or shotguns over the length of 660mm. This category is for hunting guns. Theses guns are the type of gun used for hunting because, it is the best combination of length for distance and still allows a reasonable amount of maneuverability. This type of weapon is the only type allowed to be used by sustenance hunters are only allowed to use this category of firearm because of its main purpose, to hunt.

The second type is restricted firearms. Restricted firearms are any handguns with a barrel over the length of 105mm. Any semi-automatic firearm with a barrel length of less than 470mm and is not prohibited. As well as any shotgun or rifle that is able to be folded or made smaller than 660mm in anyway. the reason for this category is to first make handguns harder to obtain than rifles and shotguns. The need for semi-automatic is for shortest time between shots and this is more dangerous than a rifle that has to be reset after every shot. The reason folding firearms are restricted is because it makes a large gun easily conciliable.

The third category is prohibited. Prohibited firearms include handguns with a barrel shorter than 105mm, a rifle or shotgun less than 660mm in overall length, and any automatic firearm. The reason handguns under 105mm are prohibited is because they are very easily concealed. Handguns over 150mm are the only type used in competitions. The reason rifles and shotguns under 660mm is because it makes it easier to move quickly and fire. This makes it dangerous to the public in the wrong hands. The reason automatic firearms are prohibited is because they have no purpose but to kill people. if you went hunting with a automatic, anything you would shoot would have to many bullets in it to be eatable. Prohibited weapons can still be used under certain guidelines. If the firearm has been owned before 1978, this person falls under the "grandfather" clause. This allows any prohibited gun owners to keep their firearms but upon their death, all prohibited firearms are to be destroyed.

The only way a firearms will not be classified as prohibited, restricted, non-restricted is if it is an antique. An antique is classified if the firearms was made before 1898. In this case the firearm doesn't need to be registered, it is considered an antiquity and can be easily sold, purchased or traded without registration. This reason they are not classified is because none of the bullets needed for the firearms haven't been in production for many years and most of them are muzzle loaders and must be loaded through the barrel by hand. Because of this, criminal activity with these firearms is low and so do not need to be registered.

Firearm registration is good because it identifies each firearm with each person making it hard to get away with firearm crimes. If firearms were prohibited, any illegal firearms in the county would not be able to be matched with the owner. This way firearm users can still use their firearms with committing illegal activities.

In conclusion the way the Canadian Government is handling the firearms issue is good, it is creating restrictions on firearms that are not needed and are limiting certain people from owning firearms. The Firearm licencing and registration concept seams to be a good program and doesn't interfere with hunting or target shooting organizations. The idea of prohibiting firearms is absurd and their would be lots of complains as well as the fact of almost impossible to enforce. The way the government has set forward is the best thing that could have been set forward.

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