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Popular people are often viewed as the people with all the luck. They are good looking, involved in every extra curricular activity possible, well-known by every group in school, and always have a boyfriend or girlfriend. People who separate themselves from groups are often looked down on and nobody wants anything to do with them for fear of ruining their reputation. No one takes time to see how pretty they really are, or what they are actually like. Instead, they are simply overlooked in the race for popularity. If given the choice of being popular with an entire group without forming a really close friendship or having one very close friend but not being popular with the group, I'd have to choose having one very close friend. Having been in both situations at one point in my life, I know what it is like on both sides and I'd choose to have one close friend over being popular with "the group" for the simple reason of having security.

I say security because that’s what friends are—a security blanket. Who would people confide in if it weren’t for friends? Those who have one very close friend have an advantage over those who are popular with "the group." Close friends are always there for each other when they are needed. Close friends share everything with each other and don’t have to worry about their biggest secret being the talk of the school newspaper. All the new styles and brand names don’t matter with close friends. One of the most important things to close friends is the well-being of each other. When a close friend is home alone, he/she knows their friend is home also. Close friends know that if they need comfort they can call each other on the phone and they will always be there—to give comfort—to be a security blanket. Close friends are friends who can be counted on in any situation.

The only means of security popular people have is knowing that they’re always going to be up to date on the latest fashion trends. In the "popular group" there are different classes of people. First are the ring leaders. These are the ones everyone tries to impersonate. There’s a guy ring leader and a girl ring leader. They are, of course, a couple. Then, there are two more guys and two more girls. These people are closest to the ring leaders. Last comes anyone else they associate with. Popular people don’t worry about anyone other than themselves. Everyone’s afraid to confide in them because they will tell anyone anything to try to boost their popularity. Popular people are the first to show off the new fashion trends. The only clothes they will wear are brand-named clothes. Instead of worrying about their friends, they worry about how their hair looks. Who do popular people go to for comfort? Surely not each other. Being part of a "popular group" isn’t all it’s made out to be.

Which would you rather have—security or popularity? I’m sure that at some point in your life you’ve had a best friend. Think back—possibly as far back as your childhood—and remember how much fun the two of you had together. Sometimes you are more popular when you’re not.

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