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Voiced Opinion

There are several people in this plain west Texas town that are constantly turning up their noses at people who are contrasting to their high society cradle of humanity. It has gotten to where people can no longer express their individuality without having the proverbial finger shaken at them. If a person is not wearing the most elite of brands, then at best, that person will be ignored; in most cases, they will receive ridiculing looks and hatred filled words. Although these upper echelons are not necessarily of Christian faith, they carry a holier than thou attitude that portrays that they are better than everyone else.

Quite a few people prefer to illustrate their individual personalities, instead of being just another sheep in the herd. They may choose to wear apparel that is, at the least, distinct from the population around them. The freethinking female may choose to embellish a long, black broomstick skirt, with her favorite Marilyn Manson T-shirt, accessorized by her over worn combat boots. She may also choose to wear darker make up to show her beauty in a gothic fashion. An open-minded male may adorn a pair of well-adapted denim jeans with holes in the knees. He might choose to wear an over-sized shirt that is garnished with the name of some eighties band that is of no importance to anyone other than himself.

Unfortunately, individualists are banned from their choice of clothes in several areas of society. They are informed they can not wear their pieces of flair in malls or other public scenes because of the biased fear: if a human being looks unusual, that person is a threat to society. It is a shame that people who are so enormously creative and out going are chastise from showing themselves in genuine manner. If everyone were to share this yearning to be distinct, our terrestrial sphere would be a much more kaleidoscopic place to subside. Distinct individuals should be allowed to break out of their predetermined egg shell and should finally be able stand up for what they truly believe in.

There is one other factor that does not support freedom of expression: there are no stores that allow a person to be one s self. Several stores in the area are said to bestow such freedoms. The Attic is made to sound as if it offers the world in a breadbasket, but instead it is selling clothes that would not have gone over well, even in the funked out seventies. It is simply an over glorified garage sale that has Mother s hand me downs at prices that are petrifying to the well-grounded fashion eye. The look that is now strongly desired by outgoing youth is very much nineties.

Gadzooks is presumed to carry alternative apparel, but in fact, they simply convey high dollar designer fashions to the privileged few who have no fashion sense whatsoever. These clothing lines are filled with tie-dyed, skimpy attraction-getters. They are trimmed with costly Doc Martin s and expensive jewelry. This store was designed for the high society youngsters who believe that they are acting naughty. In actuality, they are falling into fashion snare.

The choices of a freethinker are not comparable to any other individual. They each have their own distinct twists. Some may decide on piercings and tattoos, others may opt for black make-up and beaded accessories, and so on and so forth. In any case, each person should be able to wear the fashion of their choice without the apprehension of wondering how badly they will be treated due to their freedom of expression. This would bring about a higher self-esteem for people who feel caged in a zoo of bland, uninspired apparel.

It is understandable to have rules and regulations in one s childhood, but young, vibrant adults have earned the right to make their own decisions. Individuality is a quality that few people have anymore. It is a frightening trend that so many people are willing to go with the status quo. It is important that these individuals exercise their freedom of choice. Expressionists do not need to lose grasp of who they are in this stereotypical existence.

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