Miuccia Prada Term Paper

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Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada was born in Italy in 1949. She was born into a family that had previously established a successful business. Prada was originally founded in 1913 and manufactured leather bags. Miuccia ?revolutionized the appearance? of her family?s products. She did not take the business over until 1978. ?Her first success was a black nylon backpack; later ones were handheld bags, of the same fabric.? The clothes she designs ?as supremely comfortable-nothing on the hanger but coming to life on the body.? Her personality is described as ?fussy.?

Prada apparel ?avoid very loud clouring and easily appealing appearances. They are described as cool, comfortable, pure, graceful, and minimalistic.? The apparels are believed to be designed for non-conformist. She designs both women?s and men?s wear ranging from clothes to shoes and handbags. Prada also released a less expensive ready to wear line Miu Miu. These designs target a younger crowd. Prada is mainly known for their handheld bags of ?flexible, tough and soft fabric.? Her family made a change in the fashion industry by keeping their name alive. Their styles are unique today. Their bags have taken both Europe and America by storm since 1913.

While reading Vogue, the Prada adds always make me flip back a page. Her style is unique and on the cutting edge of fashion. I was not aware that the company was pre-established. I also was not aware that Miu Miu was a ready to wear line launched by Prada. Although I cannot afford her fashions I would love to wear them. I find them bizarre yet modish.

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