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Metacognition or the act of learning through ones own development is something that is essential in life. The act of being able to learn from ones own mistakes and or achievements makes a person a better learner. By becoming a better learner one becomes better at understanding and grasping new ideas in life. However metacognition is not an idea that can be passed down from generation to generation, or be achieved by daily attendance at school. It is a process that must be presented to students in a clear fashion at a young age. It must be presented in a way such that students learn from themselves.

One of the best examples of metacognition is when students at a young age first begin taking tests. They develop for themselves a method in which they study for these tests. These method they are able depending on, can be changed by looking at the grades they are receiving and deciding if the study method that they are using is working well or if needs to be changed. A student must ask him or herself a series of questions to determine if they are doing the right work. Such as, should I study for a longer period of time? Do I need to change the approach I take when taking notes? Questions that will help the student learn from their mistakes. As students grow older they are able develop for themselves a system that will almost become second nature to them , allowing them to study at a quicker pace and develop a broader knowledge of subjects. By being able to study and grasp the main ideas needed in their learning process will allow them to process ideas in a different fashion thus allowing them to express their knowledge.

A child that is able at a young age to learn from his or her mistakes and grasp concepts at a young age that are beneficial to the learning process will be able to use these same concepts later on in life. Thus the concept of metacognition is effective when taught at a young age and proves beneficial throughout life.

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