Why Run With The Crowd Term Paper

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Why run with the crowd

It is easy to stand behind a group of people “hiding”, and just pretending that you have an own opinion.

Your safe, nobody sees you because you’re in the middle of the crowd. You are just one of “them”.

Why does everybody follows a French freaks clothes style?

It’s a fact that people dress in clothes that is socially accepted, and a bit eye-catching.

And almost everybody do this, you don’t go to a party in slippers and a training suit. Even if you think that’s much more comfortable than a Giovanni suit. Does that really make sense, shouldn’t the comfortable clothes be the ones you were when your having fun. Because the you have two plusses, comfort and fun.

I like to think that fashion is like the rain, it’s start to drop a few drops, and then it gets more and more and more.

And then it stops slowly and a new rain can begin.

If you are one of the types that say that fashion don’t get through to you, then your probably just not thinking right. I think about 99,9% of the worlds population cares about fashion. Or get influenced by it in some way.

Why does everybody need to hide from the real world, what is so damn hard about making an own opinion?

There are many people just meaning what they mean because a friend means it. But some opinions do you have to do yourself, or else it can go terrible wrong. When the “people that means whatever the rest means” have to make up an opinion. It often gets what they think that the crowd means, if they’re wrong then they think of an lousy excuse on “how they ment the other way” or misspelled.

Who decides what’s right from wrong or cool from boring?

There are a small group of people that have managed to tear a part from this extra safety and chose to paddle upstreams fighting a life to death struggle were it’s 99% failing chance. Until they reached the “god” table, and at that table they now control where the river shall run.

Why does we need safety?

Safety is a corner to everything and people not concerning safety is crazy. If an regular man/woman knows that it is 50% chance of failing. It’s 95% that they don’t do it. Without safety we’re lost. We are in the middle of nowhere without a map. In your head there’s maze of questions, meanings and words spinning around you like a freesbie. your trying to catch the opinions but just wanders into dead ends and holes. Your maximum confused and the fear is building up like a virus.

Everybody need some breathing breaks from all opinions that cycle around, to sit down making some own ones but it is also okay to not care about everything.

You don’t need an opinion on everything and then it’s okay to just relax and go with the crowd.

Some themes requires that you have your own meaning. So it’s up to you decide when it’s important to make up an opinion.

Everybody run with the crowd, but all inn different speed. Choose your speed……………

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