Princess Grace: Fashion Term Paper

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Princess Grace: A Fashion Fairy Tale

It was once said that the most romantic Cinderellas are the stars of those riches-to-royalty fairy tales in which the princess grows more and more beautiful, graceful and kind in her elevated position. Grace Kelly is the focus of this particular Cinderella story. Not only was she an icon after which women the world over tried to emulate but a fashion leader as well. She, however, made a gradual transition in her dress to accompany her transition in her social roles from model to Hollywood royalty to a real life princess.

If we take a closer look, we can see this transition. After graduation, Grace Kelly moved to New York to pursue her acting career. She worked as a model 1 before she made her debut on Broadway. She was put in the highest fashion clothing on the runway. She then moved to California and began her acting career. With many motion pictures under her belt, she achieved her role as an Academy Award Winner . She was forever immortalized and also made Oscar fashion history in an Edith Head ice-blue silk gown 2 . In 1956, Grace married Prince Rainier III of Monaco and became true royalty 3 . The wedding dress that she wore has been forever copied and imitated due to it s sheer beauty. She gave up her career as an actress, took on the ascribed role of Princess of Monaco and became more concerned with social conditions and culture. She became a true inspiration and new that she must also portray her role in her dress with beautifully sewn yet modest gowns 4 . After becoming a princess and wife, she also became a mother. A mother s dress tends to be more modest going along with the Modesty Theory of Dress. As Grace Kelly aged and raised her children, yet remained in the public eye, her dress became increasingly modest yet somehow maintained its elegance and beauty 5 .

Grace Kelly s transition from small town girl from Philadelphia to Hollywood royalty to Princess and mother supports Stone s theory of program and review in my opinion. I believe that Grace Kelly knew how to cloth herself for the proper functions and she felt good about her choices and it showed in her confidence and unspeakable beauty. She had a positive program view of herself and others shared this view of her dress in the review part of Stone s theory. Others respected her choices in dress and admired and imitated her dress. She made positive choices and got positive feedback on her dress. She was a woman that will always have a role in fashion history right beside Jackie O.

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