80'S Term Paper

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Do you remember the 80 s? Most of us were just little tikes. We all ranged from three to eight when the 80 s ended but the 80 s were very influential for all of us. Yet, there is still something that each of us hold dear about those days. How can we forget all the cheesy movies, cheesy TV shows and cheesy music? Thank goodness for Nick at Night, Cartoon Network, and the Disney channel keeping the 80 s alive. Most of us have seen our 80 s TV classics on TV in the wee hours of the morning. Now they are even being seen in prime time on select cable channels. Family Ties, Alf, Who s the Boss, Growing Pains, Facts of Life and many many more shows. The Facts of Life is the greatest show ever! Oh my gosh, I so love Nick at Night now that those shows are on again, said senior Shila Buccholz. I really loved all the John Hughes movies they always had the happy ending and great fashion, said Sophomore Samantha Peeling. With the amount of love people have for the 80 s, it s not surprising that much of the fashion, music, and overall eighties culture is making a comeback.

Musical artists such as Vanilla Ice, Run DMC, and various former members of the New Kids on the Block are showing up everywhere with new merchandise, new CD s, new sounds and even some old. Who would have ever thought that anyone from NKOTB would have ever made a come back but they did, said Junior Derek Jankowski. On the fashion front we all remember the high top Reebok s of the 80 s in neon colors those too have even made a comeback. On the runways in New York, Paris and Milan the high tops and big shoulder pads are the entire rave. Still the biggest fashion trend to have been big in the 80 s and is now the thing again is crimped hair. Anyone who has been in school the past semester has seen all of the girls coming to school with crimped hair. It was also voted the most popular trend to make a comeback in the school wide survey. I really love the crimped hair styles the 80 s had great hair I love wearing my hair crimped, Anonymous. They say history always repeats it self and it is clear history has done it again with the 80 s being in style again.

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