School Uniforms Term Paper

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Mandatory School UniformCertainly, school uniforms can be an effective part of a safety plan for our schools. Uniforms will not be an unmediated remedy for violence any more than any other program; however, I feel that any elementary and middle school can benefit from a mandatory uniform program. Any negative initial response to mandatory uniforms usually revolves around the cost of uniforms. Students uniforms can run for $100.00 per set and this could be less if there is a government aid. On the other hand, fashion clothing the one adolescents students try to keep up to remain in could cost $200.00 per outfit. Of course, they need more than one outfit, so the new amount is $600.00. If we, the parents, have more that one kid in school the amount could be over $1000.00 .Sometimes, parents can not afford all this and the students begin working to get their desired brand name clothing. Despite of all the benefits that working can give to students, they are better off without it. Adolescent students place great emphasis on looks, popularity and relationship. School uniforms can help reduce the need for fashion. This way, students focus more on academics. School uniforms could save the time teachers and administrators spend on fashion patrolling because It would be real easy to spot somebody not wearing their uniform. School uniforms could save time on the students as well. When they do not have to get up early to pick up their clothes. When they can not decided what to wear. And with everyone else wearing uniforms, It would be easier to wear them.

School uniforms are means to bring order and discipline into our schools. They help to eliminate competence for fashion and to decrease gang influence. Students will not be able to wear gang insignia and color at school without being noticed. Students will fill affiliated with their school just like when they wear a professional sport team jersey because they admire the team or one player from that particular team. School uniforms can establish calm and businesslike atmosphere also. Some people fell very strongly about their kids First Amendment Rights, and they consider mandatory school uniforms as a violation of this right .Students are force to go to school in the first place. School have had dress codes for years, and mandatory school uniforms would be just and extension of that dress code. The benefits from school uniforms outweigh the inconveniences. Some benefits are:*School unity disregarding any pre judgment due to diverse clothing.*Uniforms are less expensive than fashion clothing.*Uniforms will reduced violence in our schools.*Uniforms can eliminate some of the peer pressure.

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