Careers In Fashion Merchandising Term Paper

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Careers in Fashion Merchandising

The internet provided a plethora of valuable information concerning a career in fashion merchandising. Some of the career choices are assistant buyer, fashion coordinator, fashion merchandiser, sales director, piece good coordinator, customer service representative, fashion director, account executives, advertising director, area sales manager, visual merchandiser, quality controller, exective trainee, manager trainee, fashion consultant, fashion photographer, teacher, fashion trade show and events organizer, fashion illustrator, costume designer, fashion designer, fashion journalist, musuem conservator, fabric buyer, and consumer advocate. These are just a few of the many careers available in this particular field.

Even though I didn't find anything on interior decor or design, I know that it is also an option available to the fashion merchandising major. Most of the choices above for fashion merchandising can also go hand in hand with home furnishings merchandising.

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