Noise Pollution from Stereo's (grade12)


In the last 5 or 10 years, portable stereos and tape players have become quite popular. People are more tuned into music nowadays than ever before.

Music can affect you in many different ways. It can make you happy, sad, excited or angry. Different types of music affect people differently, which leads to the subject of public space and personal space. Most people with any amount of decency should carry their tape players, or stereos with headphones. It is rude to carry them around in public so that everyone else can hear. Not everyone likes what you may like and it is only respecting other people's personal space. Some people don't appreciate going to a mall and having to listen to music I don't like. Many malls have music in the background in some stores. People find that annoying and usually don't enjoy shopping in that type of environment.

It is your individual right to own a stereo and to listen to whatever you like. However, there are limits. Take for example, going to the beach. It seems every time someone goes there he or she have heard music and none of it to their taste. Many of these people had their music on way too loud, they seemed to think they were the only ones there. People enjoy listening to music, but feel it is a private issue. They usually always have their headphones on while in public. A lot of people need to think of the effect their music has on the people around them in a public place.

There are times when loud music is acceptable. For example, at home, at sporting events and at concerts. Everyday life shouldn't include people having music imposed upon them. Especially music that they don't openly welcome.

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