In the world of Landover, Ben Holiday lost his power as king. He had to find a way to

convince his friends and defend them from their real enemies. Through his journey,

he makes a great leader. Ben also acted calm, to keep his companions feeling safe.

When he had convinced his friends that he was the high Lord of Landover, and not

Meeks, he had taken the responsibility to guide them. His companions followed and

listened to him throughout the entire novel after being convinced, showing how they

had tru he beginning, by Meeks. He then later, planned to find Willow, his lover. He

had sent one of his friends to look for Willow. He and his companions did find Willow,

but Willow was not convinced. Ben was always calm and acted as if he was not

nervous no

Ben always acted like he was not afraid of his enemies, in front of his friends. This

giving his friends a sense of safety and protection from Meeks. He had to lie and trick

his partners sometimes, to calm them down. Without lying, there was no way Ben

Ben was always willing to listen to others, because he knows he could learn from

other's thoughts and wisdom. He learned mostly by himself, but with lots of help from

his friends. The reason he came out victorious was because he had thought about

what h k him the entire story to figure out. An example of his problem solving was over

is when Dirk said "Your time for thinking is just about up"(260). This took place before

Dirk left Ben, to fight his own battle. During the events of this novel, there wer

Ben's leadership is excellent because of his guidance. He is willing to listen and act

upon it. He can convince others and encourage others into doing things they normally

would not do.

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