Far From The Madding Crowd is one of the most memorable novels written by

Thomas Hardy.

In an attempt to fight a changing society, Thomas Hardy has portrayed his own

phylosophy throught the charactor of Gabriel Oak, as displayed in theor views on

women, social institutions, and rual/urban life.

The role of women was seen as changing throughout the Victorian era, they were

also seen as essential, and Thomas Hardy's view on this is made clear through the

views and actions of Gabriel Oak.

Oak's views in regaurds to the lifestyle, is that men should have money before they

are to marry. This is shown when Gabriel Oak sees the death of his sheep, and says

to himself, "'Thank God I am not married. What would she have done in poverty now

comi Oak is afraid that if he has no money, there is no way in the world that he would

be able to take care of a woman, and more importantly, himself. That shows that Oak

believes that a man should be able to finacially support himself, before he can


It is clear that Hardy, and Oak share the same views on marriage, and financial status.

Thomas Hardy felt that he, as a writer had the proficiency to fight against a changing

society, and express his views on this matter. Gabriel Oak's views, in particular, on

the barn, was exceedingly symbolic of both his, and Hardy's opinions on a cha 'One

could say about this barn, what could hardly be said of either the church, or the cattle,

akin to it in age and style, that the purpose which had dictated its original erection

was the same with that to which is was still applied. Unlike and superio

Thomas Hardy's outlook is made clear in that he feels that society is changing for the

worse. It is not particularly stated in the novel that Oak shares the same views as

Hardy towards the changing society. It is more often the narrator who expresse

The move in the industrial revolution moved many families into the urban life. This is

a conflict that Thomas Hardy portrays, and exibits through Gabriel Oak, and Sergient

Troy. Troy represents the industrial revolution, and Gabriels Oak's view of h

"'A rambling, gloomy house this is,' said Troy, smiling... Gabriel shook his head. The

soldier turned a little towards the east, and the sun kinded his scarlet coat to an

orange glow. 'but it is a nice old house,' responded Gabriel. 'Yes - I suppose so

Grabriel Oak appears to be happy with the house the way it is, now. Compared to

Troy, who wants to change the entire place around. Troy is viewed as the industrial

revolution in an old rual community/life, and consequently does not belong there. Tho

It is shown throughout Far From The Madding Crowd, that Thomas Hardy has written

his own philosophy into the life of Gabriel Oak. It is especially displayed in their views

of women, social institutions, and rual/urban Life.

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