Fairy Tale Of A Princess Who would Not..

Fairy Tale Of A Princess Who Would Not Sleep

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a princess who could not go to sleep. Her parents, the King and Queen spent the whole day from morning until night coaxing, pleading with begging and crying for her to take a nap or just lie down, but she refused. For some odd reason, Princess Penelope would not go to sleep.

The King and Queen got so desperate that one day the King made an announcement to the people of the town from his castle high up on the mountain.

"I am having a contest,"he said. "The man or woman who can get my daughter to sleep will have a chance to spend a weekend in my castle with me and the rest of the royal family, please just fill out an entry form for appointment. We have to get my Penelope to sleep!"he ended with a cry.

Well, you can image the uproar in the town after the King's announcement. Everybody wanted to help the princess Penelope get to sleep.

Soon people started to arrive at the castle with the most weird things you can imagine. The most common were stuffed animal and candy, but the range was incredible! It went from story books, to costumes, to musical instruments and even to whips and chains. The King was horrified at that! He did not know what could possibly be going on through these people's heads. Did they know that they had tried all that already (except the whips and chains of course; he did not know what they were for and frankly, he did not want to know!) None of these thinks would work.

They let the people in anyway though, and the princess Penelope could be heard in her room, talking, eating and shrieking of laughter at the clowns and jugglers. Unfortunately though, she would not sleep, and none of these people were helping one bit.

Until one day, a few weeks later, a man walked in. He was dressed very casually, which was not normal for people visiting a royal castle, and the biggest surprise was that he brought nothing with him to help Penelope to sleep.

"I just want to talk to Penelope,"he said. So the King let him into Penelope's room. A few minutes later he returned with a smile of satisfaction on his face. The King, surprised, or rather astonished, rushed into Penelope's room where she lay fast asleep.

"What did you tell her?" the King whispered softly to the strong man, in fear of walking Penelope.

"A story as boring as this one!"the man answer with a grin.

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