by Paul Schonfeld

Say that a man packs a hundred pounds of plastic explosives into a school lunch item such as mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, and then detonates the bombs after everyone is done eating. The man then goes back and freezes the lunchroom in a huge, clear cube of ice and puts the scene on display at a private museum that only psychopaths can access. A man who would do something like this is obviously a nut case who likes killing people. As you see here, capital punishment would be a good thing, and in other instances as well, if used correctly.

If all crimes were like this, these two things would be true: One, the choice of capital punishment or not would be easy; it'd be yes. Two, there would be no one left on this planet, either because they like to blow up peoples' stomachs and are executed, or because they are one of the unfortunate people who dearly likes the school's mashed potatoes, and to add to the effect, happened to take seconds on the day the muddled bomber arrived at his or her school by surprise. Unfortunately (but fortunately), not all crimes are this bad and it's hard to tell where to draw the line between those who should be executed, and those who shouldn't.

If someone kills someone else while not on the influence of any intoxicating substance, and has no exceptional reason (like self-defense), they should, for the most part be executed. Any normal person who would kill someone else should be put in the electric chair before they kill anyone else.

There is definitely a fine line on whether or not capital punishment is right, and it definitely can be used in good ways and in bad. Some advice to anyone who doesn't want to be killed because of capital punishment: DON'T KILL ANYONE! As of now, let the courts figure out if it's right or not for the case they have.

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