Run for your Life

In these short stories "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall" and The Wastwych Secret" John Kendrick Bangs and Constance Savery tell the stories that bring a chill to your heart. through these stylistic devices: Setting, Characterization, and point of view, Bangs and Savery express the horror of a ghost coming back yo kill, every night of your life.

For instance in "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall," Bangs uses the stylistic device of Setting to show the horrorific scenes of a haunted house. Bangs likens his thoughts from the setting of his story in his haunted mansion he comes up with findings such as "I walked though the house it weamed quiteand peacful.... The house was old and beat up...." (340). Savery describes a haunted house in his story as" The windows were busted out and the shuters were hanging from one hinge.... there were knights suits all over the mansion...." (789). Can people like us imagine what it must of felt like to walk through a masion that had been abandoned and broken up. They continue there pattern in a typed woods scene where "The ghost was running around them and making spooky sounds...."(336).

Characterization is another stylistic device Bangs and Savory use to conjure up vivid images and impresions. In "The Ghost of Harrowby Hall" Bangsrecaptures his main character and describing him like this"he touched his brown greasy hair as he flexed his humongous muscles...." (339). In the same way Savory describes his main character "he moved like the speed of light...."(791). Bang describes the ghost in his story and he came up with "He was every where I went.... He came after me with a knife...."(341).

As a Third method of stylistic device, Thomas incorparates the narrorator by the point of view to tell who the narrator is in both of these stories. In "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall," Bang describes who the narrator is in the story he describes the narrator as "he had a mean look on his face as if he was going to kill someone...."(344). Savory describes the narator in "The Wastwych Secret," just as they turned the corner the ghost popped out and killed them....."(789). Bangs brings us back to the narrator which in his story brang vivid images of "in his mind he was thinking what should i do run or get killed...."(345).

In both these essays, the use of stylistic devices allow Bangs and Savory to lead us through a mansion and forest that has someone trying to kill them.

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