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Bobby's Wish

"Money,money please im cold and hungry may I have some

change?" A old man reached into his pocket and said

"Heres a dollar"

"Thank you, thank you kind sir", and bobby ran off. As

Bobby ran he noticed all the busy shoppers ,the reefs on the doors a

and also a big Christmas tree in the middle of town decorated and

a big star on top .

Trying to catch his breath Bobby said

"May I have an apple?",Bobby pulled out his money from his

pocket and he heard a though voice say,

"Get out of here your scaring all the customers away!!"

As the time passed Bobby grew older without any home and

with no familly and hardly any food.

Christmas eve was in 3 days so Bobby started a Christmas

list. So far Bobby had 2 things. Most boys and girls want toys ,

games and clothes, but all this 13 year old bot wanted was a place

to stay worm and to go to bed with a full stomick.

As Bobby walked down the local street the grown was like a

blanket of snow. There was a old man standing at the corner

greating girls and boys of all ages.As Bobby walked by to much

surprise Bobby heard someone. Allmost like there talking to him.

"Hello", the old man said. "How are you today?"

"Im fine", said Bobby.Bobby also herd a little girl talking to


"Get out of here your clothes have big holes in them and they

stink to!"

Bobby left and the old man followed,

"She dont mean any harm shes probobly one of the boys and

girls who get nothing from Santa Clause."The old man brang

Bobby to a big house.

"Is this where you live?" Bobby asked.

Yes, its a bit small isnt it?

the old man and Bobby walked closer to the house. Bobby

couldnt belive that a little old man lived in a big house like this.

There were raindeer with santas sleigh and reefs and a lot of

Chirstmas lights everywere. If the out side was this nice he though

I wonder what the inside looks like.

The old man opened the door and a butler was waiting

"Hello Mr. Smith,"he said

Bobby couldnt belive his eyes there were boys and girls

everywere.Mr. Smith said,

"this will be your name tag for all the other girls and boys

will know who you are, whats your name?

"M-m-m-my name? oh my name is Bobby.

"Well Bobby ive been watching you and you seem like a

awful nice little boy. So i was thinking that maybe that you would

like to stay here for as long as youd like,"Mr. Smith replied.

"Just what I wanted for Christmas!!" Bobby reached into his

pocket to get his Christmas list but it wasnt there.

"Looking for this?" Mr Smith waving Bobbys Christmas list

over his head.Mr Smith handed Bobby his christmas list.

And that night was when bobby learn that wishes can come true

after all.

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