The Hunt Is On Term Paper

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Your heart is pounding, you are racing to escape your mortal enemy, and also trying to steal a designated object from your enemy's base, and then all of a sudden, SPLAT!!! You look down and see a big blob of yellow, orange, blue, and pink. Then is when you know that you are out for that round. These are all of the thrills of the great sport called paintball. Even though it is a painfull sport it still atracts more and more people each year to this great sport.

Paintball is one of the greatest rushes that I have ever experienced. It is a simulation of an actual battle since there are bullets flying all around you and you are diving into bunkers and hiding behind obstacles trying to eliminate the opposing team one by one so you can capture their flag. The greatest thing about the sport is that you bring back so many great war stories from your day out in the woods shoting each other. Some of my experinces playing this sport have ranged from amazing to very painfull. When the pellets that you play with do not break on impact they hurt even more than usual. Some of the great stories that I have come back with are from the first time that I have ever played. One of the stories is this, it was the the fourth game that we had played of the day and we were all starting to get hungry and were wondering when we were going to eat lunch. We heard the wistle go off for us to start charging out into the field and capture what had come for and get out of there. It must had been ten seconds after the wistle went off and all you heard was pop, pop, pop and saw a wall of bullets fly from the guns of both teams. I was playing defense with three of my friends Amar, Udhay, and Chris when we all decided that we would call people back and let us go ahead. We started to advance to the front line where all the action was taking place so since we never traveled up the far we got a little cocky and just wasted about half of our amo when we saw that the other team was starting to surround us and two ther people and then that was whn I decided to get out of there as fast as I could. I just stod up and ran in a zig zag motion and occansionaly ducking behind trees and stuff. After I knew I was in the clear I hid behind a small log and began to fire away at the other team. That was when I realized that my three friends were still up there not even close to realizing that they were about to get blasted from the other team. I don't even think that I tried to yell to them because you know how guys are to other guys when ever a misfortun comes on the other person you laugh and make fun of them if it isn't that serious. So I waited until the started to get bum rushed by the other team and when the got shot at the look like a couple of gallons of paint were just poured on the so while the other team was enjoying their victory I just plinked off everyone of them and when the game was over I don't think that I have ever laughed at my friends so hard than I did at that given moment.

In conclusion My friends got blasted and had black and blues over their entire bodies for about 3 weeks and I walked away with a great story to bug them with. You can also see how much fun this sport is and how a teenager and ever adults can love this game.

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